Help Borneo now!!

As a part of the campaign "Help Borneo now!" the World Wildlive Fund invited some journalists and
photographers to look for themselves in Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia at the shocking consequenses of illegal logging and to record it and see a part of the solutions WWF help to find.

Jan van der Woning photographed for the Pplus Magazine (PDF dutch), World Wildlive Fund
and Readers Digest (Pdf Dutch) in 360 degrees panoramas and normal format pictures the disastrous
consequenses of our use of tropical timber.
When you click on animated picture above, you get a pop-up screen and on the rigth bottom side you find a link
with 360 degrees interactive pictures in quicktime VR. If you click on the link you get a menue from which you can
choose. After your choise you get a panorama in which you can look around when put your mousepointer on the
photo, click left mouse button and move to the left, right, up and down.
Its also possible to zoom in and out with your shift and control button.

Short Video of a sexual misused Orang-Utan.


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